Grace O’Malley Irish Whiskey is a unique blend of triple and double distilled single malt and grain whiskeys. Each batch is matured to perfection in specially selected French Oak, Rum and American Bourbon casks which give our whiskeys unique character which push the boundaries of flavour. Our high single malt content results in a whiskey of true quality – the perfect balance of fruitiness, complexity and smoothness beyond its years.
Timeless Whiskey honours both the history and the people behind the birth of the Proclamation, the document which proclaimed the establishment of the Irish Republic in 1916; the pivotal role they both played at the turn of the 20th Century coupled with their enduring importance in the 21st.
The Blue Island whiskey is a carefully balanced blend made at the hands of our Master Blender, Paul Caris. The casks have been hand selected by Grace O’Malley Master Blender, Paul Caris, who has worked with leading wine- and spirits companies and has won the ICS "World‘s Best Cognac". The blend contains triple distilled Irish single malt whiskey, matured in ex-bourbon casks, and single grain Irish Whiskey, also matured in ex-bourbon casks. The result is a distinct flavour profile that can generally be described as light and fruity with evident cereal grain notes. The bourbon cask maturation also imparts that signature whiskey oakiness and caramel.

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