A toast to 2023

2023 was a very eventful year for BOGO BEVERAGES Global. In keeping with its goal of being the premier beverage company in Africa and then the world, BOGO launched subsidiaries in Ghana and Kenya. Both subsidiaries have full registration, physical presence, and highly experienced and talented staff eager to take over their respective markets.

Bogo Nigeria was not left out of the developments, as it not only supported the launch of the above-listed subsidiaries but also successfully launched locally manufactured brands. Bogo Charger energy drink hit the market and charged up the space. Jigga soon followed and showed other brands how ‘Jiggy’ and rooted a bitters brand should be. Not to be left out, Trybal Bitters came in Q4 to reinforce the characteristics that make the BOGO BEVERAGE tribe fierce: our values – Speed, People focus, Innovation, Credibility and Excellence (S.P.I.C.E).

BOGO Beverages Global put in the work, and the benefits flowed in. 2023 was the best year in BOGO history! We brought in several new hands to help with the work needed, and our sales team expanded exponentially. They, and indeed all Bogo staff, advocated for our brands, and in return, Expresión, Bottega, Cavatina, Gran Castilo, Grace O’Malley, Independence, King of Scots, Dreamline, etc., were not only adopted but quickly became fan favourites in all major outlets across operating countries.

Several specialist organizations paid attention to the new entrant shaking up the FMCG space, and in return, in 2023 Bogo was deservingly awarded the following:

Prestige AwardsBeverage Brand of the Year: Nigeria.
African Quality AcademyAfrica’s Best Quality Food and Beverage Company.
The Guardian Newspaper50 Most inspiring and definitive CEOs.
The Institute of Brand Management of NigeriaNigeria’s Food and Beverage Products Brand CEO.
The Institute of Brand Management of NigeriaNigeria’s Best Quality Wine and Spirit Distribution Company.
Nigeria’s Credit Industry AwardsThe Entrepreneur of the Year for Business Expansion and Consolidation.
African Brands congressAfrica’s Best Premium Wines and Spirits Manufacturing Company.
The Top Ten MagazineBeverage Company of the Year.
CIO ViewsAfrica’s Most Empowering Business Leader 2023.

Not at all bad for a company in its first full year of operation. We are grateful to our smart consumers, wonderful stakeholders and incredible partners for sticking with us, we promise we will continue to make it worth your while.

If Bogo Global has done all these in 2023, what is left to be done in 2024, you ask? Well, grab a bottle of any of BOGO’s brands and stay Jiggy as you watch this space.